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This is a character from my book project and her name is Meritali, exiled on a future earth. An Elf at an visual age of about 40 (she is a lot older than that though, it's an elf thing) with a heavy burden and lots of setbacks of late in life.

The Hair is pretty much just a block out, redoing it.

The model is sculpted in ZBrush with Marvelous Designer for creating a base for the clothes. Lowpoly made in Maya (quaddraw) where I also rigged it (HumanIK) and set-up of Blend shapes for the face. Textured with Substance Painter across three main sets of textures (Body, Clothes & Coat).

Adrina wennstrom cover2
Adrina wennstrom turn01

With and without coat

Adrina wennstrom details01


Adrina wennstrom wireframe
Adrina wennstrom zbrush01

Zbrush model

Adrina wennstrom textures