2nd Winter War Soldier

Adrina wennstrom cover
Adrina wennstrom salute
Adrina wennstrom shovel
Adrina wennstrom turn
Adrina wennstrom details
Adrina wennstrom wire
Adrina wennstrom zbrush

This is my examination project for my last year at Futuregames in Stockholm at the end of 2016. She is a Sergeant First Class in the Swedish army fighting a fictitious second winter war along side Finland against a common enemy.
This is also my first likeness modelling and I modelled the face of the character after the American actress Mireille Enos.

The model is sculpted in ZBrush with Marvelous Designer for creating a base for the clothes. Lowpoly made in Maya where I also rigged it (HumanIK) and set-up of Blend shapes for the face. Textured with Substance Painter across three main sets of textures (Body, Clothes & Coat). Shoes are based on a photoscan.

44 000 tris
39 000 tris without hair